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Stone Maintenance 

Proper care and maintenance will ensure your natural stone retains its beautiful appearance. Please read the following important information:

CLEANING starts with preventative care and a regular maintenance program is highly recommended. Sweeping, vacuuming, dusting & mopping on a regular basis will remove any dirt or surface debris that could potentially scratch the marble.

Large expanses of stone used in external applications should be given a periodic overall cleaning as necessary to remove accumulated pollutants. Easily accessible stone surfaces such as steps & walkways should be kept free of debris and soiling by periodically sweeping and washing with water.

Normal maintenance should include periodic inspection of stone surfaces for structural defects, movement, deterioration or staining.

Ensure that the cleaning solution used is PH neutral as harsh chemical cleansers can eventually breakdown the sealer. Ensure the product manufacturers directions for use are carefully considered.

Flooring Surfaces can become slippery when wet. When wet conditions occur, reduce potential hazards by doing the following:

Spread carpeted runners from each outside door into lobbies and corridors

to help dry shoe soles.

Place bright-coloured “slippery when wet” pylons on walking surfaces in conspicuous places.

Mop walking surfaces as often as necessary to remove standing water.

Issue standard instructions to building maintenance personnel.

Follow workplace health and safety procedures

ACIDS AND NATURAL STONES Products such as wine, fruit and fruit juice, milk (lactic acid), coffee and teas, cleaning products, ALL contain either natural acids or harsh chemicals that will eat away at natural stone AND the sealers that are used to protect them. Whenever spills occur – wipe them up. If any product that contains acid or harsh chemicals is left on a sealed natural stone it will eventually eat away at the sealer and affect the stone.


STAIN REMOVAL For stain removal obviously the first step is to identify the stain and apply the appropriate product. Here are some handy do’s and don’ts:

DO Remove any loose debris

DO Blot spills immediately, wiping the spill will spread the spill.

DO Flush the area with water and mild detergent and rinse several times to dilute the contaminant.

DO Dry the area thoroughly with a soft clean cloth

Repeat above as necessary

DO Try to identify what caused the stain

DO If the stain remains, call for professional advice if you are not sure what to do

DO Dust mop floors as part of a regular maintenance schedule

DO Clean surfaces with mild detergent as part of a regular maintenance schedule

DON'T Use vinegar, lemon juice or other cleaners containing acid on natural stone. Be aware of “Natural” and “Organic” products – always read the labels.

DON'T Use cleaners that contain acid. Read product labels carefully.

DON'T Use abrasive cleaners such as dry cleaners, scouring or steel pads

DON'T Ever mix chemicals together. Some combinations could create a toxic gas.

DON’T Use vacuum cleaners that are worn, the metal or plastic attachments or wheels may scratch the stone’s surface.

When using cleaning products and sealants, manufacturer instructions must be read and understood prior to application and if unsure complete a test area to determine the correct application method and application time. For best results the dilution of concentrated cleaners can be altered to suit a particular cleaning situation.

CAIRNS MARBLE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD shall not be liable in any respect for advice provided herein regarding installation, fixing, grouting, cleaning or maintenance