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At Cairns Marble Australia, Our efficient, friendly and reliable team are only happy to assist and to ensure what you will get is the best, and in no way substitute inferior or faulty stone

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Welcome to Cairns Marble & Granite

Cairns Marble Australia Pty Ltd was established in 1989 and has been mining the largest and best portfolio of mining leases in Australia during this time.

Cairns Marble Australia Pty Ltd manufactures and retails a complete range of marble products from raw marble blocks unpolished and polished slabs, marble tiles, monumental and furniture products. Cairns Marble Australia sources granite slabs and engineering stone for the manufacture of stone furniture including kitchen bench tops, bars, bathroom vanities and monument items and more.

The company has developed a sound business over this period, and has made every effort to continually improve its corporate and product image by undertaking extensive exploration and testing on all of our mining reserves. This has resulted in Cairns Marble Australia developing and acquiring high quality reserves located in both Queensland and more recently the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Cairns Marble Australia is continually endeavouring to improve and enhance our extensive range of natural stone. Including the update of our factory processing facility based in the coastal city of Cairns, North Queensland. We have imported state of the art machinery and processing equipment from Italy to ensure increased production of our of our dimension stone products. Unique products like Bianca Mist and Opal Pearl offer translucent properties allowing natural light through the stone up to a thickness of approximately 50mm.

Cairns Marble Australia's motto is to provide our customers with 'Quality and Value' in all products we supply by following a stringent quality control process. Through these processes, Cairns Marble Australia is able to maintain the quality control and selection at each and every phase of production, from the quarrying stage through to delivery of the finished product.

We invite you to contact our efficient and friendly team with your natural stone enquiry.

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